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The McKernan neighbourhood is one of the reminders of Edmonton’s joint history with what used to be the City of Strathcona until 1912, when it was incorporated into Alberta’s capital. Named after one of Strathcona’s best, James McKernan, the neighbourhood lies to the South of the main University of Alberta campus, bordering on University Avenue, 72 Avenue, the busy 109 Street and 114 Street, with direct connection to the arterial Groat Road, which provides quick access to the North of the river. While the older houses in this area would have been built around 1950, there are new options dating as few as two or three years ago on the market as well. Depending on the unit, prices range from around $430,000 to double that, at around $860,000.

Luxury Homes in McKernan, Edmonton

If you are looking for a brand new home close to the heart of the city, McKernan real estate is the place to explore. Some of the houses here were built within the past few years, and offer all of the convenience and comfort of a freshly designed and equipped dwelling while being in a historical and closely knit community.

Schools Serving McKernan Edmonton Real Estate

Both public and Catholic schools are to be found in the neighbourhood, as well as a Light Rail Transit (LRT) station and the bus stops for several frequent service buses that connect you to the entire city. Being so close to the University of Alberta makes McKernan the neighbourhood of choice for education professionals and graduate students.

McKernan - Edmonton

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